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Dr. Hashey previously served as the Flight Surgeon for Task Force Talon in Afghanistan. Below is a collection of articles as well as photos taken in the combat zone.

Florida Joint Task Force Commander, COL Bob Carruthers tours Miami Beach Convention Center Field Hospital.

He is being briefed by JTF AID Commander, Col Patrick Lanaghan and our very own COL (Dr) Terry Hashey, Deputy Commander, JTF AID.

All of us at First Coast Family Medicine are proud our Doc Hashey is working so hard to care for Floridians affected by the COVID19 Crisis. Way to go, Doc Hashey!

Dr (COL)Hashey served as Doctor of the Day for the Florida Senate.

He is pictured with Chaplain (COL) Finch who served as Chaplain of the Day. Dr Hashey and Chaplain Finch were in Tallahassee for the Florida National Guard Senior Leader Summit and National Guard Day. 

Have you heard about the hospital built in 2 weeks?

Check out this story about where Dr Hashey is right now!

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A hospital being built inside the Miami Beach Convention Center that was initially scheduled to open at the end of April will be completed by Monday, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

U.S. Army Col. Drew Kelly is the man in charge of turning the convention center into a 450-bed hospital in under 14 days.

When asked if he had slept for the past week, Kelly said, “I’ve had a few opportunities for sleep, but it has been a hard fight. This is 24/7.”

Construction at the site was first scheduled to be complete at end of the month, but Kelly’s deadline was pushed forward to Monday when the COVID-19 peak projections changed. He has the help of hundreds of skilled construction workers, who are working around the clock.

Helping Kelly construct the hospital is Ingrid Bon, his project manager. Bon is the person in charge of the workers laying the thousands of feet of cable to make sure each of the medical pods have power and internet.

“It’s like a very fast ballet,” she said. “We built a sort of hospital, but we built it inside a facility that was never meant to be a hospital.”

Although the convention center boasts huge, wide open rooms, some may think the engineers had a blank slate to work with. However, they said the project has been one of their toughest.

In addition to moving in hospital beds, the Army Corps of Engineers had to build pressurized ICU pods, install a huge oxygen tank and do it all in record time.

Usually, they meticulously engineer and plan well ahead of construction time.

“But on this one, we were literally making a decision real time at four o’clock in the morning, to then — as the crew is standing there saying, ‘OK, here is how we’re going to do it,’” Kelly said. “We make the decision and keep moving. It’s been a total team effort with one goal, and that’s get it done on time.”

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will hand over the site to the Florida National Guard.

Medical teams from the National Guard will be the ones treating patients at the site if the hospitals become overwhelmed, and those with COVID-19 are sent to the site.

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Florida Army and Air Guard Medical Professionals Join Forces to Fight COVID-19

Miami Beach, Fla. – For the first time in the Florida Guard’s history, medical professionals from the Army and Air Guard have come together in one joint unit. Their mission? Provide medical support in an alternate care facility as part of the state’s COVID-19 response.

The unit’s name is Joint Task Force AID (JTFA) and it is led by Air Guard Col. Patrick Lanaghan, commander of the Florida Air Guard’s 125th Medical Group and a health services administrator, with Army Col. Terry Hashey, a physician with over 15 years of medical experience, as his deputy. Combined, both Guardsmen possess over 50 years of military experience in the medical field, both in active and reserve components.

“When this mission came up, the main hurdle we had to overcome was what our medical professionals would be allowed to do,” Lanaghan said. “We had a lot of learning to do up front, to understand each other’s capabilities. A lot of coordination between the services had to happen from the very beginning.”

JTFA was created in response to the state’s need to quickly staff the Miami Beach Convention Center alternate care facility (MBCC ACF) that was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The facility, like others built by USACE across the country, was designed to help local hospitals cope with a potential surge in COVID-19 patients and avoid a medical system collapse.

Since coming together in Miami Beach, JTFA has faced some unique challenges. The first one had to do with bridging a training gap. Not all of the Florida Guard’s medical providers work in hospitals, therefore they had to get trained on some basic skills to standardize their operations and bring them to a level of competency that would allow them to perform in a hospital setting.

“Running a hospital isn’t our mission. We aren’t built to do this,” Lanaghan said. “We don’t have a mission or MTOE for a hospital in the National Guard,” added Hashey. “A hospital is more than doctors and nurses, it’s an entire solution. It’s more than just people.”

Fortunately, JTFA was able to team up with Florida International University’s Nursing School and the Army’s Trauma Training Detachment to get the training necessary in record time to meet the standards set for the MBCC ACF.

Another challenge was the ability of Guardsmen to treat civilian patients. While active duty military medical professionals have this authority, JTFA had to rely on a Presidential Order and authorization from the National Guard Bureau to be able to perform their mission.

“The Florida Guard’s medical mission during defense support of civil authorities’ operations is to support our own troops,” Hashey said. “This mission was unique for the Guard. We needed authorization.”

In addition to the federal authorization, the medical professionals from JTFA also received approval from the Florida Department of Emergency Management to act within the scope of their professional licenses to treat civilians.

But medical training wasn’t the only type of support JTFA received while at the MBCC ACF. The task force also relied on the logistical and administrative support of the Florida Guard’s 50th Regional Support Group (RSG), the state’s main effort during the COVID-19 response in South Florida.

“The 50th RSG was fantastic. They provided everything we needed to make up our initial shortages,” Hashey said. “We didn’t have a higher headquarters or a logistics support chain, and that’s where the 50th kicked in. They made sure we were ‘zero fail’ and they made sure everything was taken care of so we could focus on our mission.”

In many ways, the mission of JTFA has been groundbreaking. Not only did they bring together Guardsmen from different units and branches, but in doing so they have developed a set of operating procedures that can be replicated in future Florida National Guard missions.

With JTFA, the Florida Guard has proven that it can identify the medical resources it has available – both Air and Army, mobilize them, create a command and control structure to bring these Guardsmen together, train them to the standards of the specific mission and sustain them.

“I’ve been most impressed with the integration between the Army and the Air Guard,” Lanaghan said. “We bring such different skill sets and capabilities to the table, and to be able to integrate them so seamlessly in this very complicated mission has been a success in itself.”



The FAFP Family Physician of the Year award is provided in recognition of outstanding performance as a Family Physician and in dedication to the profession and service to the patient. This year’s award is presented to Terry Hashey, DO, MHSE, FAAFP, of
Jacksonville, FL.

Dr. Terry Hashey trained at the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville in the Family Medicine Department. Prior to that he completed medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science center/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. He trained as a Health Educator, receiving his Master’s Degree in Health Science
Education (MHSE) from the University of Florida and earned his
Certification as a Health Education Specialist (CHES).

Dr. Hashey has proudly served for over thirty years in the U.S.
Coast Guard Reserve, Texas Army National Guard, the U.S. Army
Reserve and the Florida Army National Guard. He is presently
assigned as the Assistant State Surgeon and State Flight Surgeon
for the Florida Army National Guard. Dr. Hashey completed the
Army Flight Surgeon Course, Combat Casualty Care Course,
Captains Career Course, Brigade Surgeon Course, and Command
and General Officer Staff Course.

He is active in his community, having served as the Young
Physician Member of the Duval County Medical Society Board of
Directors and the Florida Young Physician Representative to the
American Academy of Family Physicians. He is a Cub Scout Den Leader and a Boy Scout Assistant Scoutmaster. COL Hashey served
as President of the National Guard Association of Florida.
Dr Hashey is a proud father of four great kids and a humble
husband to an amazing wife. They love fishing, running, biking,
camping, and swimming.


Drs Terry & Natalie Hashey with BG John Haas, Florida Army National Guard, Nov 2020

Dr Hashey is the Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force AID, May 2020

Shout out to FCFM, May 2020

Florida Army and Air Guard Medical Professionals Join Forces to Fight COVID-19, May 2020

The Florida National Guard is working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Headquarters to construct and operate the alternate care facility in Miami., April 2020

Happy National Osteopathic Medicine (NOM) Week!. April 2020

Hospital inside Miami Beach Convention Center to be completed by Monday, April 2020

Florida National Guard Appreciation Day held at Florida Capitol, Mar 2020

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FCFM sponsors a Medical Wilderness Adventure Race Team. Dr Hashey is the team captain., April 2017

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